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AC Repair

Professional Air Conditioning Service and AC Repair in Hamilton

In Hamilton and the surrounding area, our air conditioners often sit through a long fall and winter before we turn them back on in the spring. That’s a long time, especially if your AC is beginning to develop any problems.

Whether you think you need AC repair or simply want to schedule seasonal AC maintenance, Lancaster Heating and Cooling is here for you.

A Lancaster Heating and Cooling service technician repairs a Rheem air conditioner.
AC Repair

Dependable AC Repair Service That Ensures Family Comfort

Nothing is more annoying than being stuck in one of our hot, humid summers without air conditioning. Whatever AC problem you have, Lancaster Heating and Cooling experts have solutions for all your cooling issues including home AC repairs near you.

Our team has extensive experience repairing the following air conditioning issues:

  • Leaking water or refrigerant
  • Damaged compressor
  • Frozen evaporator coil
  • Faulty capacitor
  • Malfunctioning thermostat 
  • AC unit keeps tripping the circuit breaker
  • Foul smell
  • Fan stops working
  • Clogged air filter


Lancaster technician repairing an air conditioner

How Do You Know When Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair?

If your AC completely stops working, you know you need repair. At home or work, there are also subtle signs that you may need AC service:

    1. Odd noises. All HVAC units make sounds when they run. However, if you notice clanking, whirring, buzzing, or other noises, it’s usually a sign of a mechanical problem. Schedule an air conditioner repair before your air conditioner stops working.
    2. Loss of pressure. The air from your vents should be noticeable when your system is running. If you cannot feel the air, you may have a ventilation problem. You want to get that fixed because HVAC systems may push warm and cool air with the same system.
    3. Warm, wet air. The air coming from your vents should be at least 20 degrees colder than the outdoor air temperature. If it’s not, your system may have a freon leak or a failing compressor. A variety of issues can result in very little air coming from ducts. If your heater or furnace uses the same duct as your air conditioning system, performance and efficiency will be affected across all systems.
    4. Water where it shouldn’t be. Your HVAC system should drain through a hose into the pipe. The drain pan should not be full and your overflow drain, if you have one, should not have moisture. If you see water where it should not be, you could have a clog. In high temperatures when shutting off the system is not reasonable; this counts as an emergency AC repair because running a clogged system could lead to a flood.
    5. Strange smells. If your air smells funny, it could be a serious problem. Moldy smells could signal mold in the unit, which is a health hazard. Burning smells could signal a potential fire hazard. Either way, call for emergency air conditioner repair, and our dispatcher will advise you if you need to shut off the system.

If you can spot one of those early warning signs, it can save you considerable time and frustration. The repairs required in these circumstances are often much less invasive and less expensive than emergency repairs required when your system shuts down completely. So don’t wait– schedule AC Service in Hamilton and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose Lancaster for Your AC Repair?

We’re the most dependable, experienced, and certified heating and cooling company in Hamilton. We always back up the products we sell, install and service. Babies, older adults and those with health conditions are especially vulnerable to heat, and our expert technicians understand that fast service is imperative. We offer tune-ups and air conditioner repair services for residents in Hamilton and surrounding areas.

Schedule Air Conditioning Repair Services in Hamilton, ON

Sometimes it’s not possible to identify problems before they cause your system to stop working entirely. With emergency repair services from Lancaster, you won’t have to go long without a working air conditioning system. We’ll have someone out as fast as possible to take care of the problem right away. Give us a call now at 905 388 3333 for fast AC repair service in Hamilton and surrounding areas.

AC Repair FAQs

Why is my AC running but not cooling?

There can be many reasons for this. Before you seek residential AC repair services, you can check some things on your own first. Number one, check the thermostat. The settings might have been changed or turned off out of your knowledge. Reset it manually if the setting has been changed. If nothing’s different, check the air filter. Filters can become clogged easily which is why it is recommended to change or clean them every once in a while. You should also check the condenser unit which can become clogged leaving your AC unable to cool the room. If none of these are the issue, then it could be leakage. Leaking refrigerants or ducts can be a reason for the problem. This will require the attention of a professional.

How can I tell if my air conditioner needs refrigerant recharge?

If your air conditioner is blowing warm air, experiencing reduced cooling capacity, or has ice buildup on the evaporator coils, it may indicate a refrigerant leak or low refrigerant levels. Only qualified technicians should handle refrigerant-related issues to avoid safety risks and ensure proper system performance.

Why is my air conditioner leaking water?

Water leaks from an air conditioner can result from clogged drain lines, frozen evaporator coils, improper installation, or a malfunctioning condensate pump. Addressing the source of the leak promptly is crucial to prevent water damage to your home and potential mold growth.

When should I consider repairing versus replacing my air conditioner system?

Deciding whether to repair or replace your air conditioner depends on factors such as the age and condition of the system, the extent of the problem, repair costs versus replacement costs, and energy efficiency. A qualified HVAC technician can assess your situation and provide recommendations based on your specific needs and budget.

How often should I schedule professional maintenance for my air conditioner?

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your air conditioner running efficiently and prevent costly breakdowns. It’s recommended to schedule professional maintenance at least once a year, ideally before the start of the cooling season, to ensure optimal performance, extend the lifespan of your system, and address any potential issues early on.