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Duct Cleaning, Duct Installation & Duct Repair

Duct Cleaning Service in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville 

Your ductwork circulates clean air throughout the rooms of your home, so it’s vital that it’s properly cleaned and maintained, with any damage fixed as soon as possible. Lancaster Heating and Cooling provides duct cleaning service and maintenance to keep your ductwork running smoothly.

Air Duct Services We Offer

In the greater Hamilton area, we have all your needs covered to make sure your air ducts last a long time:

    • Air Duct Cleaning: Get rid of the buildup of contaminants that can pollute your air and aggravate conditions such as asthma and allergies with a powerful air duct cleaning service.
    • Air Duct Installation: Meet your air distribution needs when remodelling or building a new home with proper duct installation.
    • Air Duct Repair & Sealing: Minimize leaks and greatly improve your HVAC efficiency by fixing any damage.

Lancaster Heating and Cooling's StormTech 2100 Cyclonic Power Vacuum Truck for medical grade duct cleaning service
StormTech 2100 Cyclonic Power Vacuum Truck

Powerful and Energy Efficient Duct Cleaning Service in Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville

The Lancaster System of Duct Cleaning is a more comprehensive way to maintain the highest level of indoor air quality (IAQ) in your family home. The Lancaster System cleans the air and improves your home’s indoor air quality, along with thorough cleaning and sanitation of your ductwork. This includes:

  • Installation of an IAQ Scrubber to control and reduce all particulate contamination (dust)
  • Hand cleaning and sanitizing of all registers with Benefect, which is approved by Health Canada and is an all-botanical product. We use no chemicals in our cleaning system
  • Sanitizing all the duct interiors using Benefect
  • Cleaning all components of the HVAC and duct network with our Storm Tech 2100 Cyclonic Power Vacuum truck

Our Storm Tech 2100 Cyclonic Power Vacuum truck is the best in its class. Its revolutionary design provides as much power as the leading power vacuum truck but runs with 30% less fuel and 40% fewer emissions. This means our cleaning process itself now has a smaller carbon footprint.

The smaller carbon footprint of Lancaster Heating and Cooling’s StormTech 2100 is accomplished by:

  • Power: an independent diesel engine is used to power our vacuum
  • Resistance: made of lightweight aluminum, the fan and cyclones offer less resistance than traditional filter bag trucks.
  • Remote Control: able to remotely change the throttle settings of the engine during the course of service.

We are committed to operating responsibly towards the environment, so improving the air that people breathe while conserving energy in the process is a great win for everyone!

Professional Duct Installation

It’s important that you have high-quality ducts installed when you’re either building a new home, adding a room to your current home or replacing old ductwork. Ten to fifteen years after installation, most ductwork begins to deteriorate so new ducts should be installed around that time period.

Ducts help to circulate clean air throughout your home and a lot of things can go wrong if your ductwork isn’t installed properly. You should only have the installation completed by trained ductwork professionals. When you need quality duct installation service in the greater Hamilton, ON region, you can count on Lancaster Heating & Cooling to exceed your expectations.

Effective Duct Repair

When ducts break or become damaged, they fail to provide heating and ventilation to the rooms of your home. Ducts can leak and cost you a lot in energy bills so duct repairs and sealing should be performed as soon as the problem is found.

Signs your ducts may need attention include:

  • a rise in energy bills,
  • dust buildup in the house
  • rattling noises in the

By sealing any small leaks in your ducts, you prevent energy loss and improve your overall comfort while shielding your ductwork from infiltration by insects and vermin.

Trust Lancaster With Your Ductwork Today

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