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AC Installation

Residential & Commercial AC Installation for Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville

When the summer heat is on in Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville, you need air conditioning! Many people like you count on Lancaster Heating and Cooling to provide comfort and safety for themselves, their employees and their families. We are your best source when you need a residential or commercial AC system properly installed, maintained or repaired.

A newly installed AC unit at a residence in Hamilton, ON.
AC Installation

The Time to Install is Now

Waiting until the last minute to have your air conditioner installed, maintained or replaced is a mistake. If you think your AC unit might be on its way out, having an HVAC technician inspect your AC immediately gives you the information you need to determine whether repair or replacement is the best option for you.

Whether for the home or the workplace, a qualified air conditioning technician will install your AC system so that it will enjoy a long and efficient working life.

3 Benefits of Properly Installed Air Conditioning Systems

  1. Energy Efficiency – A properly installed and finely tuned air conditioning system can be incredibly efficient. On the other hand, systems that are poorly installed or go without maintenance can be costly. Lancaster’s expert air conditioning installation technicians ensure your system operates at maximum efficiency, reducing your energy bills.
  2. Cool House – The last thing you want is to throw money away on an air conditioning system that fails to keep your house cool. Are you experiencing uneven temperatures in your home? It may be time to call the pros for maintenance or repairs. Lancaster technicians are highly skilled and prepared to put your unit back in order.
  3. Productive Employees – An overwhelming heat wave has a way of drawing out the workday. Keeping your employees comfortable is essential to improving motivation and productivity. An efficient air conditioning system will keep the heat from distracting your workforce.